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    Giant kelp is the fastest growing biomass on the planet. When ocean temperatures are at seasonal highs in late summer in the Northern Hemisphere, growth rates can reach 20 inches per day! While it grows, giant kelp is sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, reducing nutrients in the nearby water while also providing critical habitat for numerous marine species at various stages of their life cycles.

    Pawprint refers to the environmental impact your pet needs have on the planet. Much like a carbon footprint, your pets pawprint can make a big difference in mitigating climate change and reducing demand on global resources. By making more sustainable choices in your pups food and treats, you are taking steps to reduce your pets pawprint.

    Giant Kelp is grown without the use of fertilizers, pesticides or other chemical inputs. In fact, Kelp aquaculture (farming in water) is considered regenerative farming because it does not require human inputs and it gives back to nature by absorbing excess nutrients and carbon dioxide from the surrounding waters while providing habitat for numerous marine fish and invertebrates.